November 4, 2015

Jesus Green – A Patch of Peace in Shoreditch

Outsiders might think ‘Jesus Green’ sounds like the setting of a far-fetched Christian movie, but nestled in East London, in the centre of the Shoreditch-Hoxton-Hackney triangle, you’ll find this very real and very peaceful neighbourhood.

Jesus Green began its life around 1822 as property of the Jesus Hospital Estate. The charity used the land to create houses for Londoners made homeless by the demolitions underpinning the construction of St Katherine’s Dock. The area has come a long way since then. Within spitting distance of the East End grit, Jesus Green has been obviously and unavoidably influenced by the creativity and style that spill out from nearby Shoreditch.


Jesus Green – pie, peas and peacefulness


Home to the thriving Columbia Road Flower Market, and with Banksy’s famous yellow flower mural on Pollard Row just a few minutes walk away, this is a hugely fashionable area known for its independent shops and eclectic vibe. You won’t find a chain store in sight on the colourful and timelessly hip Columbia Road.


Amidst the ‘pie and peas’ cafes, vintage shops, gastropubs and art galleries – all of which let you know this is an of-the-moment place to be and be seen – you’ll also find the tiny, family-friendly neighbourhood park, the pleasant cul-de-sacs and the Victorian two-up two-down houses. Such features make this area popular with young families and thirty-something professionals.


Designated as a conservation area and with an extremely active residents’ association organising all manner of events from bonfire nights to summer lunch socials, Jesus Green is an eclectic urban community that works. It is on the brink of Zone 1, with excellent transport links and lots of decent local schools to choose from. Some call it the ‘chill-out zone of Shoreditch’: it’s close enough to feel like you’re part of the action, but far enough away that you can easily escape. Jesus Green represents a little patch of peacefulness in the midst of the 24/7 hubbub of Shoreditch.



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Where to look


The properties on the well-kept roads of Quilter Street, Elwin Street and Barnet Grove are already highly desirable. Meanwhile, nearby Baxendale Street, Wimbolt Street, Wellington Row, Durant Street and Old Bethnal Green Road, to name just a few, are becoming increasingly sought after and form some of the more expensive properties of the Spitalfields/Shoreditch area.


If you’re looking to make the move to Jesus Green, get in touch with our Shoreditch team to get all the latest information.


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