November 24, 2015

Clever Under-stairs Storage Ideas to Steal

These days, the tidy look of clean lines and uncluttered spaces are more popular than ever, with an increasing number of innovative ideas emerging for how to achieve this – one of which being under-stairs storage.

Be it traditional or modern décor, this trendy trick can work wonders to leave your home feeling a bit more spacious, elegant and functional. Check out how to eliminate the conundrum that is stair storage and how to use this space advantageously.


Maximising Space


Whether you own a large family home or a small studio apartment, there will be a way to make the most of the space available.


A classic stair storage solution is the simple cupboard under the stairs, which can be filled with custom built wooden units to fit your space.


Use it to store the shoes that you’re constantly tripping over in the corridor, the tea towels and kitchen linen, or create your own larder for overflows from the kitchen.


Take it a step further by installing a handy set of drawers; the existing shape of the stairs allows for a simple transformation. Your guests will step over your concealed storage space, oblivious to your resourcefulness as the clutter goes unnoticed.



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How to fit under-stairs storage in with your decor


Of course, if you’re in a studio or space is scarce, you’ll know all about maximising it. In an open plan home, the space under your staircase is wasted if not used properly. Why not craft a decorative area by cutting large shelves within the stair wall where you can display plants, ornaments, candles or books?


After you’ve decided on the material use of your under stairs space, you can choose the aesthetics to match your style. Neutral colours like white, beiges and browns are ever popular as well as wooden finishes, stone, red brick and modern metallic.


Everday life under the stairs


Inspired by Harry Potter’s first bedroom in the instalments from JK Rowling, London flatshares are offering converted bedrooms in under the stairs spaces.


Under the stairs desks and office spaces are also a great space saver, meaning you don’t have to sacrifice a whole room in your property for the sake of an office or somewhere to take phone calls.


Alternatively, you could treat your kids by converting it into a kids’ corner with beanbags and cushions – this is also a ‘no kids’ mess around the house’ solution!


If you don’t have the option of an enclosed space, you can hang objects from underneath – especially useful for those who live in the city and have a bike to store away; install a hanger under your stairs from which you can hang your bike!


The versatility and possibilities that come with stair storage are endless and a great playground for creativity.


Under-stairs storage not giving you enough space? Give us a call and we’ll help you get into a bigger place!

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