February 24, 2016

Theydon Bois: Branching Out From the City

If the north-eastern fringes of Greater London are calling your name, there aren’t many places more picturesque than an award-winning village home to the ‘Avenue of Trees’, namely Theydon Bois. There you’ll find the perfect combination of leafy village life with easy access to central London.

Small village, big city


In 1066, there were ten people living in Theydon Bois, and 885 years later, in 1951, there were still only 849 households. Even now, the village has just 1,600 homes. With two pubs, two churches, one primary school (a ‘good’ one by Ofsted standards), and a busy village hall complete with village green, Theydon Bois nicely suits homebuyers who are after that Midsomer-Murders-type lifestyle away from the city – minus the murder, of course.


Bordering said forest, and situated in Essex but also within the circumference of the M25, Theydon Bois has its own tube station and is about as close as village life can get to the city.


Trees, trees and more trees


Beyond neighbouring Epping Forest’s ancient woodland, the village has its own tree-related claim to fame. The Avenue of Trees is a row of sixty-two oaks planted along Loughton Lane in 1832 by Robert Westerby Hall-Dare, then Lord of the Manor. The rather lovely gesture is thought to be in celebration of Queen Victoria’s ascension to the throne and, over the years, they have become loved by local residents – and fiercely protected.


The now mighty original oaks are accompanied by a newer row of trees planted in 2010. These new additions are waiting in line to take over as the older trees eventually succumb to disease or need to be felled for safety reasons.


Community in Theydon Bois


Regular local walks are organised by the Theydon Bois & District Rural Preservation Society, and you’ll find dance, fitness and art classes at the village hall and plenty for children on at the Community and Youth Centre. This is not to mention the village’s long-running Open Gardens Day when residents show off their horticultural skills by proudly opening their private gardens to the public.


Theydon Bois is a multiple winner of the Essex Best Kept Village Competition, and the community is deeply involved in the preservation of nearby Epping Forest and the district’s rural character generally. Evening visitors will note that here is still no street lighting in Theydon Bois as local residents have fought against it in order to preserve the picturesque village atmosphere.


If you’re chasing the quaint village life and are looking for a new home in a gentle, leafy neighbourhood, Keatons can help. Get in touch with our team to discuss local market conditions or see what properties we have on offer in Theydon Bois.

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