June 1, 2016

DIY: Domino Vinyl Clock

This month for our interiors feature we are lucky enough to have guest contributor Jacqui Joseph teach us how to make the most out of the older things you may have laying around at home. With this particular piece, she teaches us how to create a funky, cool clock out of a vinyl record.

“This would make a great gift for any man in your life, especially if he’s a lover of the classic Vinyl records, which is making a big comeback.


This clock looks super cool and even if you don’t have vinyl records to hand they are readily available in most Charity shops.


I’ve used domino shapes as my clock numerical, which I made out of trimmed and layered black card stock, then used some white drops to mark out the domino numbers…It’s done in no ‘time’ at all….what’s not to love!


Shopping List:

  • Vinyl record


  • Paper Trimmer or Ruler and scissors


  • A4 Black Card stock


  • White Drops or flat pearls


  • Wet glue


  • Glue gun or strong glue


  • Clock mechanism & battery
post image

How to Make it…


For your domino pieces you’ll need approx.. 4-5 sheets of A4 Black Cardstock and a trimmer, which will make quick work of the cutting. Measure and cut your pieces 1’ x 2¼ ‘ Cut approx.


12 of these small rectangles for each domino. Glue together and set to one side to dry.


On your vinyl record, put a dash mark where the dominos will be placed. I just used some white paint.


With your white drops carefully blob-out your numbers and centre line on each domino piece. Leave to dry.


Insert your clock mechanism, following the manufacturers instructions, which are very easy.


Using a strong glue or glue gun, stick your domino pieces to the marked vinyl. Pop a battery into the clock mechanism and you’re done!


Jacqui’s hints & tips


If you don’t have a trimmer to cut your domino pieces, just measure and mark out then cut out the pieces with sharp scissors. Or you can use real dominoes!


You could also use flat-bottomed pearls to create the numbers on your dominoes.


If you don’t like the vinyl label, make your own by covering the existing label with paper of your choice!


Any paint will do to make the mark where the domino pieces will be placed. I used stencil paint. And it doesn’t have to be white, just so long as you can see the marks on the vinyl…so don’t use black!”


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