June 1, 2016

Tips and tricks for kitchen and bathroom renovation

The kitchen is the heart of the home and if you’re renovating you will no doubt want to ensure that it will stand the test of time. This doesn’t just mean investing in quality fixtures and fittings, although of course this is important, but also choosing a style that won’t date too quickly and that you won’t get bored of.

Some of the latest trends in kitchens create a timeless elegance, creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere whether a classic or contemporary style is preferred.


The move towards blue and grey colour palettes helps to keep things neutral, which is particularly important if the space is open-plan, as it enables the kitchen to blend seamlessly in with its surroundings.


There is a move too towards smooth finishes for kitchen furniture – a kind of half-way point between high-gloss and matte, which is extremely tactile and creates a sense of luxury, without breaking the bank.


Combine such finishes with the addition of natural materials such as wood to bring the outside in and add visual interest with its individual graining while continuing the tactile effect.


Whether your new kitchen will be open-plan or not, good storage is essential in creating a clutter-free finish.


Combine a variety of storage solutions, such as deep, wide drawers with internal dividers, tall units and cupboards with pull-out racking to ensure everything has its place yet is easy to find.


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If you’re a keen cook and space in the kitchen allows then a pantry system is the ultimate way of keeping things orderly.


Worksurfaces are also an important consideration with a new kitchen, as they are one of the most visible parts of the space and take up a large expanse of the room.


It is also subject to a large amount of wear and tear, so choosing a surface that is durable and hardwearing but also looks good is key.


These are qualities that make quartz such a popular option for the kitchen, and for the bathroom too, as it is a highly durable material that is very simple to care for.


Trends in surface design for the kitchen and bathroom are leaning towards the natural look of marble and stone, something that is possible to emulate with a quartz surface, which is available in a wide range of colours and styles.


Unlike natural materials such as granite and marble though, quartz won’t need to be resealed, in fact, the non-penetrable surface can be cleaned with little more than a soft cloth and soap and water.


Its durability and versatility makes quartz the ideal material for virtually any surface in the home, while its non-porous, hygienic and easy to clean nature makes it particularly favourable for kitchens and bathrooms, where it can be used for worktops, countertops, wall panelling and splashbacks and flooring.




Caesarstone’s London Grey worktop from the Classico Collection works in harmony with stainless steel appliances and crisp white cabinetry in the open-plan kitchen.


Available in two thicknesses – 20mm or 30mm – and in standard slab dimensions of 3040 x 1440mm, this quartz worktop offers four times the flexural strength of granite, is non-porous, scratch and stain-resistant and guaranteed for 15 years. Prices are from £550 per sqm (20mm thickness).


Featuring cascading grey veins on a white opaque base, Calacatta Nuvo from Caesarstone is the perfect worktop choice for a contemporary kitchen.


With the appearance of marble and the durability of quartz, Calacatta is from Caesarstone’s Supernatural Ultra collection and is available in three thicknesses of 13mm, 20mm and 30mm. Prices are from £1250 per sqm.


Adding warmth to a contemporary open plan kitchen, Dreamy Marfil from Caesarstone is a quartz worksurface with a subtle cream hue and gentle graining that combines with natural materials such as timber.


Available in thicknesses of 13mm, 20mm and 30mm, Dreamy Marfil has a polished finish and is priced from £550 per sqm.


For more details on quartz surfaces for the kitchen and bathroom call Casearstone on 01706 863 600 or visit www.caesarstone.co.uk


Roma from Masterclass Kitchens is a modern classic, with a J Pull integrated handle to keep things streamlined and without fuss in the modern kitchen.


The elegant design works perfectly when teamed with one of five new silk colours of White, Coastal Mist, Light Grey, Dust Grey and Graphite, plus new cabinet colours, Portland Oak or Tuscan Walnut.


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Pictured in White and Light Grey, prices for Roma start from £7,500.


Featuring a super smooth finish, Sutton from Masterclass Kitchens is a new flat slab door, available in a blue-grey colour palette of White, Coastal Mist, Light Grey, Dust Grey and Graphite. Sutton is also available in a H Line handleless option and is pictured here in Graphite with Coastal Mist. Prices are from £7,500.


Combine natural woodgrains with crisp white cabinetry for a contemporary finish in the open-plan kitchen space. Pictured is Centro from Masterclass Kitchens, priced from £7,500.


The Masterclass Kitchens Pantry System can be retrofitted into an existing kitchen and offer a wide variety of internal storage solutions for a bespoke look.


Choose from various drawer styles, wine racks, spice drawers and shelving for six different widths.


Revamping the kitchen can be as simple as adding some clever storage. Internal cutlery dividers from Masterclass Kitchens (pictured in Portland Oak) can be retro-fitted to an existing kitchen, to keep everything in its place.


Marlborough is a classic Shaker kitchen from Masterclass Kitchens, available in the British manufacturer’s new Silk finish. Marlborough has a wealth accessories and internals, such as a classic mantle, shaker detailed panelling and chefs tables, helping to make a bespoke kitchen design.


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Pictured in Light Grey and Dust Grey, the Silk finish is also available in Coastal Mist, Graphite and White.


For details on kitchen furniture and storage, call Masterclass Kitchens on 01443 449 499 or visit www.masterclasskitchens.co.uk

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