June 30, 2016

7 Ways to Affordably Spruce Up Your Home

For many people, you will often get that urge to want to spruce up your home a little bit – but living in London means sometimes we can’t always afford the luxury of shelling out for a new expensive piece of furniture or a brand new kitchen.

This can often leave us feeling a little unenthused about our surroundings however that needn’t be the case.


We’ve compiled seven simple and affordable ways to put the life back into your home again without shelling out a fortune.


A Change of Colour


The room you once happily decorated the then “in” colour yellow now stands looking a little drab, dated and boring. With brighter colours it’s not hard to reinvent them a little – just add more colour.


If you’re not looking, or unable to paint due to tenancy restrictions, then find the colour palette which matches is key.


For example, if you’re in a rented property then the colour on the walls is likely to be magnolia then you are able to match this with more neutral colours such as taupe, cream, various shades of brown and lots of darker woods.


If you’re looking for something a bit brighter then magnolia works well with a deep teal colour and whites.


Cushions, Cushions, Cushions


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Furnishings are a quick and simple way to completely change the look of a room – from changing the cushions on your sofa to opting for a brighter towel colour.


Adding a funky cushion display on your bed or sofa can make a huge difference.  Experiment with different colours and patterns to find a nice variation you can keep going back to.


You needn’t spend a fortune either – many high street stores offer furnishings (cushions, throws, blankets) at increasingly more purse-friendly prices.


Light it up!


Lighting is the key to any interior – as estate agents, we find many clients actively look for properties with good lighting. However, we appreciate that not every property benefits from natural lighting so the key is to fake it!


Good lighting can be created with lamps, fairy lights, floor lamps and more. There are so many different options when it comes to lighting and they’re not always expensive either.


Simple adjustments such as changing your lightbulbs can be made to bring more light into your home.


Personal touches


Make your home more ‘homely’ with various pieces to give it a bit of a change. Simple details such as a new photo frame or ornament can make a huge difference and can make your property feel that little bit newer.


Another route to consider would be plants – be it that they’re fake or not.


Mix & Match


Don’t be afraid to mix and match various items. It’s now cool to have things a little different, and it often works out cheaper to do it this way.


Charity shops, markets and online shops are the way forward when it comes to making changes on the cheap. Different prints, patterns and shapes are all the rage…who knew stripes and floral went so well?


Don’t be snobby – DIY!


Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty and do it yourself! Jacqui Joseph, who has featured on The Insider before, is the perfect example of exactly how to DIY to your advantage.

Replace the front door – or all of them!

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Replace the front door for an instant change on your house exterior. It doesn’t have to be pricey – but will make the world of difference.


If you’ve got a bit more cash to spend then consider redoing all of the doors inside.


If you’re ever looking for tips and tricks on sprucing up your home – tweet us at @KeatonsLondon where we will be happy to lend a helping hand.


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