August 1, 2016

Zia Lucia, Islington

Holloway Road has seen a resurgence in recent years with various new openings occurring, and most recently that’s Zia Lucia.


The Italian restaurant serving up predominantly pizzas – but with four different bases to choose from and 12 different types of toppings it’s not just your average pizza experience.

We arrive at Zia Lucia on a Thursday afternoon and immediately we are warmly greeted by Alessio.


It’s a lovely day so he offers us the chance to sit outside, but we opt to stay indoors. We are seated at a small table by the window.


The décor is very rustic; nothing quite matches, the walls are adorned with various wines and there are huge cans of tomatoes around. I instantly love it.


We peruse the menu; it looks incredible.


Each dish has a huge variety of different flavours, ones which you may have not necessarily thought of having together before.


It’s a tough choice to choose a starter – but as we are both avid cheese fans we opt for the Tagliere – a selection of traditional Italian cured meat and assortment of cheese, served with honey and focaccia.


Whilst waiting we notice that the restaurant really does appeal to all; from families to a couple on a romantic lunch.


It’s nice to see that Zia Lucia really does cater for everyone.



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Our starter arrives; we instantly perk up. A wooden board is presented in front of us with a host of different items; three types of meat, three different cheese, olives, honey and focaccia.


The Parma ham was the standout for me; I’d never tried Parma ham with honey before but the taste was incredible.


The saltiness of the ham was complemented with the sweetness of the honey. Factor in the cheese and you’re in foodie heaven!


My friend enjoyed the creamier cheese; it was a lot stronger than the other two types of cheese. Perhaps for suitable for a seasoned cheese pro.


We’d ordered our pizzas already; myself opting for the Centurione on gluten-free dough, whilst my friend went for the La Vegana on the vegetable charcoal.


The vegetable charcoal base is an “evocative flavour, dramatic look, digestive gas-absorbing capacities”.


Zia Lucia believes “Life is too short for only one dough”, and we couldn’t agree more.


Our pizzas arrive; they look spectacular. My friends La Vegana with the vegetable charcoal base looks very colourful; the butternut squash is pureed across the base and looks delicious. The base doesn’t look appetising though I am told it tastes lovely – slightly stronger than the traditional pizza base.


My pizza is a mountain of Parma ham, mozzarella, rocket and parmesan. I couldn’t be more content with my choice.


The Centurione pizza is delicious; an overwhelming combination of flavours which just work extremely well. The gluten-free base didn’t taste different to any normal base I’ve had previously – it tastes great!


Zia Lucia is providing the people of Holloway Road with authentic Italian food, a great atmosphere whilst also being reasonably priced.




Find Zia Lucia
A: 157 Holloway Rd, London N7
T: 020 7700 3708
W: http://zialucia.com/

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