April 19, 2017

Why Buying a New Build Home Might Be Right For You

When looking to buy a home, your agent will more often than not ask whether you’re seeking a new build home or an older home. You may already have an idea in mind of the home you wish to purchase, but if you’re considering buying a new home then we’ve got reasons why purchasing a newly built home could be for you.


There are various benefits of buying a new build home, as there are to buying a second hand home, but if you’re unsure then here are some things you should consider.

No moving chain


When moving homes sometimes things can be held up with chains – however if you’re buying a new build then you don’t run this risk. It removes the stress and any uncertainty from the process, which sometimes can occur with an older property, and gives you a set move-in date.


Personal taste


With a new home you’re able to choose what you want; fresh tiles, flooring, decorating and appliances suited to your taste. It’s not always that simple with older homes.


Energy efficient


Newer homes are said to be six times more energy efficient than older homes, generating around 60 percent less carbon dioxide per households. This can save you hundreds of pounds a year on energy bills.


A high-spec finish


Most new builds have to comply with the latest building regulations meaning that, firstly, you’ll benefit from the most recent heating and insulation. A new-built will more than likely come with high-specification appliances and materials. A win-win if you’re after the sleek, new look in your new home.


You can pick your dream home


With a new builds, the house-builder often launches a development comprising a range of different styles and, sometimes, they’re offered off-plan. Off-plan means they’ve not been built giving you more time and the ability to choose the perfect home for you.


Safe and secure


It’s more than likely that your new build home will be fitted with the latest security measures; fire safety, locks on doors and windows, lighting and alarms.


A fresh start


The home is completely yours, with no previous owners or memories, to make your own. It’s a complete fresh start – and absolutely everything is yours.


Schemes to incentivise buying new build


There are several schemes which help first time buyers get onto the property ladder that are only available with new homes; Help to Buy (Equity Loan scheme), Shared Ownership and Starter Home scheme. Read about schemes available to First Time Buyers on our blog.


Why buying a new build home might be for you…


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