June 8, 2017

Tips for Revamping Your Kitchen: Our Top 10

Tiles looking tired? Larder a little lacklustre? Fear not – we’ve put together ten top tips for revamping your kitchen.


The good news is you don’t have to overhaul the whole room to give your kitchen a fresh new look. A few well-placed changes could be all you need to completely transform it.


Here are our top ten tips for revamping your kitchen.

Refresh cupboard doors


Repainting your cupboard doors is one of the quickest and easiest ways to refresh your kitchen. Try a colour that contrasts with the walls for a dramatic look.


If you’ve got a little bit more money to spend, consider replacing them – check out these unique kitchen cupboard ideas for some inspiration.


Get creative with fabric


From tablecloths to curtains to cushion covers, fabrics can liven up any kitchen.


Inject a splash of colour with vividly-hued fabrics, create accents with eye-catching patterns or add a touch of elegance with pretty florals.


Update your lighting


The right lighting can enhance an entire room. It can create ambience, make a small room seem bigger or highlight statement features.


Get creative: set a row of lights into the kickboards of your kitchen units for a gentle glow across the floor, define a separate dining area with low-hanging pendant lights or illuminate your workspace with under-cabinet spotlights.


Add a feature wall


A feature wall is a great way to add colour and interest to your kitchen without the need for a time-consuming paint job.


A single wall painted in a vibrant shade will create a striking focal point. For even more impact, go for bold patterned wallpaper or tiles.


If you have a large expanse of wall to work with, try arranging your favourite framed prints and art pieces to make a gallery wall.


Add statement furniture


Sometimes, a single statement piece of furniture is all it takes to transform a room.


Scour charity shops, car boot sales and vintage fairs for unusual finds – or why not try making your own?


Innovate your storage


Clearing clutter is an easy way to give any room an effortless revamp, and finding ingenious or attractive storage solutions creates an instant talking point.


Hang pots, pans and utensils from a rail above your cooker, install pull-out drawers in a cupboard, arrange groceries in baskets on shelves – think outside the box and see what you can come up with!


Get new appliances


Sleek new appliances can give a kitchen an instant lift.


Even something as simple as a brightly-coloured kettle can help bring a tired kitchen to life – even better if you pair it with a matching toaster.


Change handles and doorknobs


This is one of our quickest and easiest tips for revamping your kitchen. You can update the look of the whole room simply by changing the handles of drawers and cupboards.


Metallic handles will give you a sleek, contemporary look. For something a little more rustic, try distressed wooden handles. If you’re feeling quirky, go wild with mismatched vintage doorknobs.


Create a display of collectibles


Got a collection of pretty plates or retro teapots? Maybe you’ve got a set of striking espresso cups or unusual wine glasses?


Instead of hiding them away, show them off. Make them into a feature by arranging them artfully on a shelf or in a glass-fronted cabinet.


Experiment with texture


Create visual interest by mixing and matching different materials and textures.


A wooden butcher block countertop is a great way to add a bit of country warmth, while exposed copper piping will create a hip, industrial vibe.


Ten top tips for revamping your kitchen


As the heart of the home, your kitchen should be a pleasant, inspiring space.


With a bit of creativity and imagination you can transform it into the room you’ve always dreamed of – and sometimes it’s the small touches that make all the difference.


We hope you’ve found our tips for revamping your kitchen useful. Check out The Insider for more expert home improvement tips!


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