May 31, 2018

Garden Landscaping Ideas: Create Your Perfect Outside Space

Looking for garden landscaping ideas?


Gardens can be difficult to get right – lots of us are faced with uninspiring lawns or courtyard gardens, devoid of any personality, colour or fun.


Whether you have a small terrace, balcony or sprawling lawn, we’ve put together some of our best garden landscaping ideas to help you create your perfect outdoor space all year round.

Take inspiration from your hobbies


It’s easy to forget your garden is part of your home. Remember the hobbies you love and incorporate them into your outside space.


If you love cooking, try planting a simple herb garden with mint, rosemary and sage. A raised flower bed works perfectly for this and creates sections in your garden to define the space.


If you’re into yoga, build a relaxing environment with a calming water feature and swaying grasses, and plant fast-growing creepers like jasmine or clematis to build a sense of privacy in an overlooked city garden.


Make a haven for your pets and children with pet-safe shrubs and flowers and tough artificial grass lawns. Catnip has beautiful purple flowers in spring and your pets will love them!


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Change with the seasons


Treat your garden to a mini makeover as the seasons change over the course of the year.


For the warm summer months why not splurge on a colourful BBQ to bring some festival brightness to your garden? Match this with outdoor cushions and lanterns for the perfect summer setup.


If you’re a keen entertainer, separate your garden into dedicated sections. Try paving a dining area with natural stone and border the space with insect-repellent lavender to keep the bugs away during outdoor dinners with friends.


Build a relaxation space with soft solar lights, sun loungers and plant pots of dramatic flowers for the longer evenings. Make sure it can be used all year round by planting evergreen shrubs and late-flowering plants to keep your garden dynamic and green. Large ferns or ivy are perfect to keep colour and depth in your garden 365 days a year.


Install a log burner for the colder days and invest in some faux-fur blankets and mulled wine to pass the winter. Hang canvas for shade in the summer and cover from the autumn rain and try using outdoor rugs to cover slippery decking and bring some colour to a drizzly day.


Get creative


Some of the best garden landscaping ideas involve getting your hands dirty with a fun DIY project.


Can’t afford to splash out on new garden furniture? Try spray painting some old plastic chairs for a bright, retro look or buy some UV-resistant fabric to refresh your old deck chairs. Choose a natural grey or beige for a sophisticated look or something bright and patterned for an eye-catching statement.


Repurpose old plant pots and tin cans with herbs or grasses for a rustic feel or drill holes in them for sweet candle holders in the evenings.


Use the weekends to trawl antique shops and charity shops to find quirky decorations for your garden. Old mirrors do wonders for a smaller garden, and vintage pots and pans are a colourful substitute for traditional plant pots.


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Garden landscaping ideas: Time to get out and enjoy the sun!


Our garden landscaping ideas are sure to help you improve any outside space you have, no matter how un-green your fingers are!


It’s not just about splurging on new bits and pieces though – don’t be afraid to reuse and repurpose, build around your everyday life, and choose plants that will flower and grow all year round. Now get out and enjoy the sun!


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