July 31, 2018

How to Hang a Picture the Right Way

Have you ever tried to put up a new piece of art and wondered how to hang a picture frame the right way?


Getting it right will help inject some personality into your house.


But getting it wrong could ruin the look of a room or, even worse, damage your art and walls.


So before you start hammering or drilling, read through this quick guide for how to put up a picture frame…

How to hang a picture step 1: Find your spot


You may already have a place in mind for where you want to hang a picture, but if you don’t you’ll need to think about where to put it.


Try to pick pictures that fit the essence of the room. Colours and themes of the picture should complement the room.


As a general rule, bedrooms tend to welcome lighter colours, while dining rooms are great for more serious pieces.


You also need to think about the size of your art. Large items can make smaller spaces feel tiny so reserve those for your biggest free walls.


Smaller pictures can be grouped together so they don’t get lost on big walls. If you’re not sure of the best way to do this, sketch your grouping layout before you start sticking anything up.


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How to hang a picture step 2: Pick your tools


Now you know where your piece is going to go, think about how it will stay there.


The size and weight of the item you want to hang will determine how you secure it to the wall.


Lighter and smaller items may only need one nail. Medium-sized pictures could need two nails or a couple of hooks.


Heavy frames might call for a more secure option such as heavy-duty toggle bolts or plastic wall plugs.


Check the back of the item for any clues as to how it should be secured. Many framed pictures and canvases come with hanging wire already attached.


You should also think about the wall you want to spruce up. Brick walls may need a high-powered drill with a masonry bit attachment, while if you’re looking to hang a picture frame on drywall you may want to use wall anchors.


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How to hang a picture step 3: Take your measurements


The final step for how to hang a picture frame is to a bit more technical!


You should position the centre of the frame 57 inches from the ground because that’s the average human eye-level and is regularly used as the standard in museums.


Get a pencil and mark that height. Next, find the middle of the wall by measuring from one side to the other. Again, mark it with a pencil.


The intersection of the two lines is where the centre of your piece should go.


If you’re using a hanging wire, remember it will bend when it starts to bear weight. Measure how much it bends and then put your nail that much higher than your intersected point.


It’s now a case of finishing off the job. Secure your nails or screws in the position you marked.


Then fit the picture to them, making sure it is straight (it’s easier to do this if you have a friend helping you).


If you’re unsure whether you’ve got it right, use a spirit level to double check.


Finally, stand back and admire your handiwork.


We hope you found this guide on how to hang a picture the right way useful!


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