December 17, 2022

Making a difference, one room at a time…
Our day volunteering with the Childhood Trust. 

There’s no getting around it, times are tough. There’s so much going on in the world at the moment and an increasing number of people across London are finding themselves in financial difficulties. Purse strings are tightening, which is having a huge impact on our Capitals’ children. For some kids, something as small as having their own awesome space to spend time in seems like too much to ask for.

We wanted to make a difference. Many of our staff are born and bred Londoners, so know first-hand the impact that a helping hand in the right place can do. That’s why we assembled a team of our employees and recently joined forces with the fantastic people at the Childhood Trust, a charity that provides children with the essentials they need to grow and be happy.

Through their housing support programme, we were able to visit a family living in substandard accommodation and transform the bedroom of three, extremely cute, little girls! Swapping laptops and mobile phones for paint brushes and rollers was never going to be the easiest thing to do, but in true Nick Knowles fashion, our team were able to build bunk beds, chest of drawers, wardrobes and redecorate all within a day.

Despite some questionable cutting-in skills (we’re looking at you here Siane!) we provided a fun, stimulating space that not only matched the girls’ cheeky personalities but also works for them practically.

We love London and the people in it. We pride ourselves on not just selling and letting homes in our areas, we’re also committed to supporting charitable organisations and improving the lives of our local communities.

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