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Keatons’ Access London meets Rosemarie St.Louis, the inspiring life coach and yoga teacher who currently teaches classes in and around Wanstead.


Rosemarie St.Louis


Have you always been a yoga teacher and life coach?

Rosemarie: I haven’t always been a yoga teacher and life coach.  I worked in the City for many years; often squeezing my other passions in part-time.


What inspired you to become a yoga teacher and what did you do to qualify?

Rosemarie: I was first introduced to yoga in the 90’s.  Originally, I had no idea what to expect; I only know that afterwards I felt this amazing sense of peace and calmness.  My body felt awake and energized at the same time and from then I was hooked!  I started teaching in 2000 after training at the Sivananda Vedanta Centre in India.  I followed up this training by doing a course with the British Wheel of Yoga (BWY); which is a 500 hour course.

I currently teach classes in Forest Gate and Wanstead.  I teach a Vinyasa Flow style which is a series of smooth, almost dance-like movements synchronized with the breath.  The classes are dynamic but open to beginners as well as the more experienced.  If you enjoy flowing movement through poses, plus focussing on the power of the breath, working up a sweat and a challenge then you will enjoy my classes!  I also offer 1:1 sessions which are personalised and tailored entirely to suit you.


What inspired you to become a life coach and what did you do to qualify?

Rosemarie: I’ve always been the one that people came to with problems etc. and I’ve also always had a keen interest in personal development; the two come together quite well in life coaching. However, I wasn’t necessary applying all the principles in my life and I got to a point where I started to feel stuck.   Around this time, I started getting intuitive hits and I started to follow them to see where they might lead.

I began shifting my mind-set and began a process of inner work.  This led me to working with some wonderful coaches, teachers and guides, which in turn, led me to training to become a life coach.   I originally trained with Achievement Specialists which is run by one of the pioneers of life coaching in the UK. That’s the practical bit! However, I also believe in working from the inside out.  When we shift our inner perceptions, thoughts and energy, our outer world also shifts!

This means, I work with the flow of life rather than against it. It’s a different approach from all the pushing and competing out there in the world.   The best thing about it is it really works!  The coaching sessions take place via Skype which means my clients get to work from the comfort of their homes.


How long have you been based in the Wanstead area?

Rosemarie: I actually live five minutes down the road in Forest Gate and I love it there because it has such a great community vibe!  Before living in Forest Gate, I lived in Stratford, but originally, I’m a Sarf Londoner (sp) ha ha!  I’m very familiar with Wanstead though because I used to go there a lot when my son was a baby.  I love the village feel!


What do you like about this part of London?

Rosemarie: I love the community atmosphere and the  proximity to the Wanstead Flats.  My family and I appreciate greenery and natural living.  But we like City life too – so it’s the best of both Worlds!


How important do you think space and interior design are? Do you think they can affect your mood? If yes, in what ways?

Rosemarie: I do, and both yoga studios where I run my classes are really lovely spaces to practice and teach yoga.  That was important for me.  I wanted to give the atmosphere of a top studio experience – but locally – so it’s even better!  I know that my yoga students are happy and more relaxed when they are in a beautiful space.  They love it because they can give themselves permission to totally let go and get present to their practice.  Visit Rosemarie’s website here:


rosemarie pic 1


Thursday – Cromwell Hall, United Reformed Church, Nightingale Lane, Wanstead, E11 2HD

  • 1830 (60 mins)


Saturday – Coffee7, 10 Sebert Road, Forest Gate, E7 0NQ

  • 0930 (60 mins)
  • 1045 (60 mins)

More About Rosemarie:

I work with women who want to Re-Launch their lives, careers & relationships and & get moving into a more FLOW-filled life.

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