Are you considering letting your property in London, but you’re not sure what it takes? Please read our list of useful information and advice on property management, as well as the services that Keatons can offer you.
Fees are inclusive of VAT
Services and charges Sole agency (minimum term 12 months)
First term 16.80% 12.00% 9.60%
Second term 14.40% 12.00% 9.60%
Third term 12.00% 10.80% 7.20%
  Multi agency (minimum term 12 months)
First term 19.20% 14.40% 12.00%
Second term 14.40% 12.00% 9.60%
Third term 12.00% 10.80% 7.20%
Property Management
and Tenancy

We use qualified photographers to ensure the best possible images of your home, complete with a detailed floor plan, all of which can be viewed and downloaded from and other property portals.

At Keatons, we understand that, in order to let your property, it’s important to reach the widest possible audience.

  •, our award-winning website, has powerful search tools to help tenants find exactly what they’re looking for.
  • We utilise the main property portals; OnTheMarket and Rightmove.
  • Your property is presented 24 hours a day on our office LCD screens and on glossy window displays.
  • We share your property across our local network of offices and social media platforms.

Our consultants will meet tenants at your property to conduct a professional and welcoming viewing. Property particulars will be provided, and the finer details discussed and communicated whilst exploring the property. This process enables us to engage with tenants and gain a clear understanding of their position.

We recognise that being kept informed during the marketing process is essential. Our team of consultants will provide weekly feedback to advise you of enquiry levels, how many viewings have taken place, and the comments and observations made by prospective tenants. This allows us to effectively evaluate progress and deliver a broader insight into the market, together with our industry expertise.

We will work towards selecting the most suitable tenants for you. Terms of the offer will be clearly provided before you agree. You may even wish to meet them to decide if they are suitable.


Once an offer has been agreed, Keatons will carry out a comprehensive referencing process to validate the prospective tenants. This includes validation of their credit history, employment status, and previous or current landlord reference, while taking into account any other information to help assess their affordability and suitability. If the tenant is then deemed acceptable by Keatons, these references will be sent to the landlord for approval.

Before a tenancy commences, Keatons will take the necessary steps and carry out the compulsory checks to ensure that tenants have the ‘right to rent’ a property in the UK and have the necessary visas and documentation to reside in the UK. Landlords who let private property in England could be liable for a civil penalty if they enter into a tenancy agreement with a tenant that does not meet the necessary requirements.

Once the tenancy terms have been agreed, a bespoke contract will be compiled that includes the correct details and conforms to current legislation. We will use the appropriate type and length of agreement to suit your needs.

We arrange for all legal documents to be signed electronically, including the tenancy agreement and terms of business, to make matters easier for both landlords and tenants.

This is a report of the condition and contents of your property. A professional, comprehensive inventory will be carried out at no cost to the owner. This will ensure proof of condition at the start of the tenancy and protect you should any deductions be required from the deposit once the tenants have vacated. Usually, tenants are checked in and out to minimise disagreements.


We contact the tenants prior to the end of their tenancy to ascertain whether they would like to stay. This will enable us to negotiate any changes to the tenancy that suit you, or, if the tenants wish to move out, re-market your property immediately to minimise the void period between tenancies.

Taken by a single Direct Debit, often monthly, Keatons will collect rent on your behalf. The tenancy default ratio within Keatons is considerably lower than the industry norm, which is testament to our stringent procedures.

If the rent is not received by the due date, we will pursue the tenants for the arrears on your behalf. We will also advise and assist should legal proceedings be required. Please note that the associated costs of this are borne by the Landlord.

Rent Guarantee & Legal Expenses (RGLE) insurance covers you against unpaid rent and the legal expenses associated with a non-paying tenant, or a tenant who must be evicted for other reasons. We’ll put you in touch with our partner ‘Van Mildert’ to discuss the options available.

A monthly statement will be emailed showing any financial changes to your account. This will be accompanied by any relevant invoices for maintenance, certification, etc. At the end of the financial year, we can arrange a financial summary for tax purposes, if you require us to do so.

Keatons will usually collect a six-week security deposit from the tenants. This must be registered with a government-approved scheme within a specified time frame from the date the initial deposit is received.

The deposit will be registered with The Dispute Scheme under our Rental Collection and Comprehensive Property Management services, and a certificate provided to both you and your tenants. This will also be updated should the tenants change or the contract be renewed.

We can arrange for your ground rent, service charge, tax and other fees to be paid from the rent we receive.

Should you be based overseas with a requirement to pay tax from your rental income, we will deduct, on a monthly basis, the amount set by HMRC, showing this on your monthly statement and accruing over a quarter. We’ll then ensure payment on your behalf direct to HMRC.


A gas safety check must be carried out on every gas appliance and flue. This will ensure gas fittings and appliances are safe to use. A certificate will be supplied by a Gas Safe registered engineer stating either a fail, and the appropriate action required, or a pass. The certificate is valid for 12 months. Keatons can also arrange for the electrics to be checked.

This is required by law and needs to be completed prior to marketing. It provides details of the energy efficiency of your property and how improvements can be made.

This may be required before or after a tenancy. We have a long-standing relationship with a number of cleaning companies and can happily arrange this for you.

Regulations require at least one smoke alarm on every storey of living accommodation. We will ensure all alarms are in working order before the start of a tenancy.

Rooms containing solid fuel are required to have a carbon monoxide alarm. We will make sure that these are installed and working before the start of a tenacy.

Certificates required

Our maintenance team will liaise directly with you and your tenants to arrange reports, quotes and repairs.

Keatons has a wide range of trusted and verified contractors available. Whether your property requires general maintenance or a full refurbishment, our maintenance team can recommend an appropriate contractor, arrange quotations and oversee any work.

Along with being provided with a 24-hour emergency contact number, all tenants will be able to log their issues and fault-find a host of regular household issues by using our designated app Fixflo, which is accessible all day every day.

Our local branch will require a full set of keys, including access codes and fobs, for contractors to gain access to the property.

Keatons will perform two annual property inspections. An inspection will be carried out six months into the tenancy and then again prior to the renewal procedure. The inspection will be summarised and presented in a report that includes photographs and comments on condition, cleanliness and any other important information.

We will serve notice to your tenants at the appropriate time to ensure the tenancy runs for the agreed period. Should you require possession of the property before the end of the fixed term, in line with any stated break clause, we will advise you of the notice requirements at your request. The accuracy of a notice requiring possession, including its content, type of notice, and how and where it is served, is crucial ensuring it is legally accepted and not refused by the tenants/courts.

Tenants will be checked out of the property at the end of the tenancy by a professional inventory company, which will provide a basis to propose deductions from the security deposit. The owner will be liable for the cost, which is dependent on the size of the property.

At the end of the tenancy, we will examine the check-out report and advise the landlord on any suggested deductions from the tenants’ deposit. We will then enter into negotiations with the tenants and, if an agreement cannot be met, we will present the evidence to the Tenancy Deposit Scheme to adjudicate.

Keatons can project manage any major works at your property for an additional charge of 12% plus VAT.




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