Leasehold vs Freehold: Understanding the Differences

When looking for a property to buy, aspiring homeowners may be faced with a choice: leasehold vs freehold. But what are the differences? Leasehold vs freehold: the basics The main difference between leasehold and freehold is that if you buy a leasehold property, you own the property but not the land it stands on. With a freehold property, you own both the building and the land. In England and Wales, the majority of flats are leasehold, while houses are usually sold as freehold properties. Buying a leasehold property With leasehold properties, the land the building stands on is owned by More ›

Selling a Property in London: Why Now is a Great Time

Thinking of selling a property in London but not sure if it’s a good time? We’ve looked at all the latest data, and concluded that now could very well be the perfect time to make the move and sell up. Read on to find out why… Prices continue to rise Property prices in London have seen phenomenal growth in the last decade. The price of the average British home has risen by 18% since 2007, but in the capital the number is close to 80%. That’s almost twice the growth seen in the next best performing region, the South East. This More ›

Fire Safety Advice for Landlords: Keeping Tenants Safe

In the wake of the recent Grenfell Tower tragedy, you may be concerned about ensuring the safety of your tenants. We’ve put together the following fire safety advice for landlords to help you. What are my responsibilities as a landlord? All landlords have legal obligations regarding fire safety. The legislation that applies to you will depend on the type of property you own and who lives in it. The principle pieces of legislation that cover fire safety in housing are the Housing Act 2004, the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and the Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm (England) Regulations More ›

The Best London Areas for First-Time Buyers

Getting onto the property ladder can be one of the highlights of your life – but rising house prices make it a distant dream for some. To help make that dream a reality, we’ve put together a guide to the best London areas for first-time buyers. Brockley With an average home costing £525,775, Brockley is one of south east London’s first-time buyer hotspots. Next door to buzzing Peckham and bohemian New Cross, Brockley is quiet, leafy and has a handful of quirky pubs, cafes and restaurants. It also boasts one of the best views in London from the top of More ›

How do General Elections Affect House Prices?

Following Theresa May’s announcement of a snap general election in June, those looking to buy or sell houses may be asking themselves the question: how do general elections affect house prices? It’s a pertinent question, as political uncertainty is often linked to fluctuations in the property market. Property is arguably more volatile than any other sector, and the status of the market generally represents the overall mindset of the property-owning public. With the general election upon us, we’ve looked back at how historical elections have affected house prices, and predicted what we can expect this time around. Looking to the More ›

Why Buying a New Home might be for you…

Why Buying a New Home might be for you… When looking to buy a home, your agent will more often than not ask whether you’re seeking a new home or an older home. You may already have an idea in mind of the home you wish to purchase, but if you’re considering buying a new home then we’ve got reasons why purchasing a newly built home could be for you. There are various benefits of buying a new build home, as there are to buying a second hand home, but if you’re unsure then here are some things you should More ›

What Schemes are Available to First Time Buyers

What Schemes are Available to First Time Buyers It comes as no surprise that being a first time buyer in London is tough. More often than not you’re spending a lot on rent and trying to save for deposit whilst also seeing the rising house costs. It’s no secret that it’s not easy to buy for the first time. If you’re struggling to find the right option for you, we’ve broken down the different schemes available for first time buyers below. Help to Buy Equity Loan The equity loan option requires a 5% from the buyer, the Government offer a More ›

What does Article 50 mean for London house prices?

What does Article 50 mean for London house prices? On 29th March, a monumental day in the UK occurred. After the vote on 24th June last year, Prime Minister Theresa May officially triggered Article 50 and began the process of removing the UK from the EU. Article 50 of the Treaty of Lisbon allows any EU member to quit; from the moment they “resign” they’re given two years to negotiate an exit deal. Once the exit deal is triggered, you’re unable to stop the motion, unless there is unanimous consent from all member states. Britain should leave the EU before More ›

The Deptford Sales and Rentals Guide

The Deptford Sales and Rentals Guide Our newest office opening in Deptford further cements our reach across London, and is our first SE London office. Deptford has experienced high levels of regeneration in recent years and has been described as the next Shoreditch; if the transformation is anything like what we’ve seen in E1 then we can expect great things for the area and an increase in sales and rental prices. Lewisham Council invested over £700,000 into improving Deptford in recent years;  and has now been given a further £1.5 million contribution from the Mayor’s Outer London fund, to modernise More ›

What’s Coming for 2017?

What’s Coming for 2017? With 2017 underway, we’re beginning to look at what could possibly happen this year within the London property market; both sales and rentals. The country’s gaze is firmly fixed on all things Article 50 related, and the expectation that this will be triggered towards the latter part of the first quarter, the question remains; what exactly will happen within the London property market in the run up to this? The Sales Market London has seen years of runaway growth – with the average house in 2006 standing at £257,000 comparable to a lot steeper £474,000 in More ›