Lettings FAQ


How much are your fees for renting our property?

Keatons have a variety of service levels; please contact your local branch for further information, or click here to view our services for Landlords;


What is the initial process?

Please review our Landlords Lettings Process document which details everything from the initial signing of terms through to the tenants moving in.


How will you market my property?

We utilise professional photographers to produce the best shots of your property and a floor plan. We list all the main property portals – Keatons.com, Rightmove, Zoopla and On The Market. Your property will be shared between our network of offices to generate maximum exposure.


Should I furnish my property or not?

There is no straightforward answer to this. If you are able to be flexible depending on the terms of the offer this will maximise your opportunities of attracting the best rent and a choice of prospective tenants. Families often want unfurnished, whereas sharers may request unfurnished or furnished.


How do you reference the tenants?

Tenants are robustly referenced to ensure they can pay rent on time each month. We collate credit reports, employment and previous landlord references, and ensure they have a sufficient income and savings to afford your rent. This will be presented to you in a final report, which you will have the opportunity to discuss and agree before progressing further.


Do you offer Rent Guarantee policies?

Yes, subject to the tenants passing referencing, you will be offered a variety of policies.


How long will the contract be?

Usually between 1 and 3 years. This may be for a fixed period or contain a ‘break clause’ allowing the tenants or landlord to issue notice in accordance with the tenancy agreement.


How do I pay your fees?

We usually deduct our fees monthly from the rental income if you opt for either the Comprehensive or Financial Service. Fees are payable in advance for the Essential Service.


What do I do about the current utilities?

Contact them to advise you are moving, but do not have anything disconnected. Your new tenants are responsible for setting up the bills when they take possession. If agreed, we will notify the utility providers of your new tenants.


Is the Gas Safety Certificate included?

No, but we can arrange this for you if you wish.


Do you arrange an inventory/check in and checkout?

Yes, prices vary depending on the size of the property.


When will we receive the inventory?

Usually within a week of your tenants moving in.


When will I receive my rent?

Your rent should be paid to your account within 10 days of receipt. A statement will be automatically emailed upon payment. At no extra cost to you, we can also supply a copy to your accountant.


Can you check my property throughout the tenancy?

A mid-term inspection will be carried out at no additional cost with our Comprehensive Service.


Will you deal with the deposit dispute if there is one?

We will help propose deductions with our Comprehensive Service and file the dispute for you if necessary.


What legislation do I need to comply with?

Please refer to our Lettings Regulations information here



How do we put an offer forward?

Your lettings consultant will guide you through the process of making an offer. This will involve understanding your requirements and position, so we can clearly put this forward to the landlord. An application form will need to be completed and signed to reflect your offer and an application payment of one week’s rent made to secure the property.


What happens if the landlord doesn’t accept the offer or changes their mind once my offer has been accepted?

You will receive a full refund of monies paid and we will try and assist you in finding a different property.


What referencing do you require?

You will need to be able to provide proof of employment and your residential history, as well as being credit checked. A right to rent check will also need to be carried out. If you do not meet our criteria, then a guarantor or rent in advance may be required.


What charges am I liable to pay?

Please review our charges by clicking here


Do we all need to be referenced?

Yes, all tenants moving in will need to be fully referenced.


How long does the referencing take?

The referencing process is usually completed within 10 working days after the receipt of your tenant application forms, however responses depend on your employer and previous/current landlord. You can assist the process by advising your employer/HR department and previous/current landlord that they are due to hear from us and to reply at their earliest convenience.


What type of tenancy is used and how long is the tenancy agreement?

The type of tenancy is usually an Assured Shorthold Tenancy and the term is 12 months.


What payment methods do you accept?

We can take a card payment via our online system or a bank transfer. Cash, AMEX and personal cheques are not accepted.


Can the rent be paid from each tenant or only from one bank account?

Keatons collect rent by direct debit and it needs to be paid from one bank account.


Is an inventory and check-in required?

Landlords are advised to have an inventory carried out at the property and if you are available at the time provided to you then you can meet the clerk at the property and be checked in.


Who do we contact during the tenancy if there is an issue?

This depends on the service that the landlord has agreed with the agent. You will be notified by email of the Landlords/Agents details should you need to make contact during the tenancy.


How can we serve notice?

If you want advice about serving notice you should check your tenancy agreement for further information or contact us at notices@keatons.com.


Will Keatons handle the deposit return negotiations/dispute?

If the landlord has appointed Keatons on our Comprehensive Service then we will handle any deposit return negotiations and disputes on behalf of the landlord, if necessary. If your landlord has chosen our Essential or Financial Service then any negotiations will be through your landlord and if you wish to dispute any amounts then this will need to go through the relevant deposit scheme.


Who holds the deposit and when do we get it back?

Your tenancy agreement will state with whom your deposit is held. Deposits are usually returned within a month of you moving out, but this can be significantly longer or shorter depending on any proposed deductions and/or negotiations taking place and whether there is a dispute.


Will the landlord accept pets?

Some landlords will, however you will need to check with your lettings consultant.

How much is your home worth?

Let's crunch the numbers