Our relationships with landlords can often span decades.

We know what it means to look after your interests, and we push hard to make the most of your investment.

We achieve better rents than other estate agents in the area.

There are three priorities we focus on for landlords: We search for the best tenants that bring in the highest possible rent, we make sure the rent is paid on time, and we make sure that your property is looked after. In other words, we create a straightforward and fair relationship between landlords and tenants.

We have one of the lowest rent arrears in the industry.

We know what works and what doesn’t. We have the right people and systems in place to protect landlords and their investments. As a result, we have a significantly lower number of cases where tenants fall behind with their rent compared to other estate agents. And if the worst does happen, we know how to sort it.

There were over 120 regulation changes in the last ten years.

On average, that’s one every month. We have a large team of people always on the lookout for even the smallest changes. We also keep tabs on the properties we manage and reach the moment there is something you need to know about. If there’s a way to remove risk for landlords, it’s a given that we do it.

How much rent can you achieve?

Answer a few questions about your property, and we’ll give a ballpark figure of what you could be earning at the end of the month.

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