November 8, 2015

Brighten up your Winter With Home Lighting

With the clocks having just gone back we rejoiced the extra hour in bed on that chilly Sunday, somewhat neglecting the fact it meant the days were getting shorter and thus darker. Winter is notoriously known for being dark and gloomy, and it’s often difficult to escape that in your home when you’re getting in from work at 6pm to a pitch-black apartment.


Lighting will become your haven this winter, and The Insider has the perfect selection to keep you free from falling into a gloomy rut. From looking at interior inspiration and taking ideas from the properties that Keatons has on the market, we’ve got to grips with mastering the art of good lighting. Getting the right ambience has never been more important.

For Cosy Lighting: Candles


Lighting doesn’t have to be electric, we can throw it back a few years to using candles. In the past 10 years the rise of candles for lighting has been huge. From people using them to create a romantic feel or simply to enjoy the array of scents you are now able to choose from, they are becoming a go-to staple for lighting up your home.


The great thing about candles is that they can often be inexpensive. You can pick up a candle for as little as a £1, but if you want to treat yourself then you have the option to spend a little more and get a small luxury.


The possibility of design is endless too. With so many companies giving us the option of having them in any sort of candle holder, this really is the time to be embracing that. Here at Access London we love candles – and we have all got different favourites.


We are coveting these heavyweight candle holders from Pastel Lane which are sure to brighten up your home whilst adding subtle glamour. These feature pieces are sure to help provide the right ambience this winter.


For Bright Lighting: Stylish Lamps


Lamps are in. Every interior savvy person seems to have an ultra modern lamp which provides the perfect lighting for those evenings where you want it to be well lit but not as harsh. Whether it’s a dark oak lamp with a scandalously modern lampshade or a super modern silver lamp with intricate detailing, it’s all about the lighting lamps provide right now -the perfect happy medium between full-on lighting and a candle-lit apartment.


We are also loving modern metallic lamps. They bring a little extra glamour and also the metallic reflection means you’re able to create the illusion of extra space. Perfect for those of you who are trying to optimise smaller spaces.


Adventino has a great variety of unique lamps you’re unlikely to find anywhere else. From antler themed to animal embossed lamps, you definitely won’t be lacking choice. We love this Adventino Triple Antler Lamp priced at £132.00. Perfect to add something different to your home!


post image

For Economically Friendly Lighting: Fairy Lights


It would be rude not to include one of the 21st century’s biggest lighting crazes on our list. Fairy lighting is no longer just the reserve of Christmas but is a great tool to use all year round. It can provide dainty and romantic lighting anywhere; bedrooms, living rooms, balconies, doorways. The possibilities are endless – but the results are always lovely.


It’s an inexpensive way to bring a bit of extra lighting in the colder months, you’re able to pick up a pack of these for as little as £10 in high street stores. If you are looking for more personal ones then be sure to check out trinket shops in your local towns.


We love these star fairy lights ones from notonthehighstreet.com for a cute feminine touch. They’re perfect for this time of year – and at £16, a complete steal!


For Stylish Lighting: Hanging Lightings


Hanging lighting is a stronger contender for the most stylish of lighting of 2015. The sleek fittings that can hang at any length you desire, have been spotted in the  most stylish of homes and trendiest of places over the past year making them one of our statement pieces for this winter.


We are lusting after this Gold King Edison Lamp from Mineheart  this winter, which you can find it on Mineheart The Gold King Edison Lamp. If you look carefully, you can see it has a miniature chandelier inside the bulb; how many people can say they have a light within a light? Interior inception.


There are plenty of lighting tips and tricks to help warm up your home this winter and make the darker evenings not seem so gloomy. If all else fails, a night around the fire provides cosy lighting for the whole family to enjoy.


Keep yourself well lit and embrace the darker evenings!

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