It’s not just about the awards or that we achieve higher returns for our customers (around 6.33% higher, in case you have a head for maths).

It’s that we know this area inside out.

Keatons was started over 20 years ago by two school friends, Kye and Rupert.

Back then, East London was a different ball game. The standard of estate agents was low and the place was nowhere near as vibrant. The area was ripe for development when Keatons broke onto the scene. We could see what was coming, and we stayed a few streets ahead of the change. Now our signs are scattered far and wide across East London, and even spill into other areas to the north and south of the city.

We made our name by simply caring more than other agents. Most of the people who helped us in the early days are now leading the business – and their experience and values are rubbing off on the new generation coming through.

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