January 14, 2016

Upton Park: On the Up and Up

In the East London borough of Newham we find Upton Park, which comprises Forest Gate and Upton, and as the home to West Ham United Football Club from 1904 to 2016, it has been strongly associated with football. There’s more to the neighbourhood than football, of course, what with its abundance of green space, local parks, tree-lined streets, and Victorian houses. All of these elements contribute to Upton Park’s status as one of the more popular residential areas in East London.

For the up-and-coming


Upton Park is still considered to be one of the last affordable areas of London, with its average property price of £362,948 well below the London average of £633,994.


Recent statistics reveal something about its residents too: the average age is 28, and with more than 22% of the local population educated to degree level, Upton Park is attracting more young professionals and families. This is not a surprise given the area’s relatively low crime rates and the number of excellent schools in the area. There are no fewer than 66 infant, junior and primary schools in Newham to choose from, including the popular Godwin Junior School in Upton Park.


Claims to fame


Upton Park has a few other claims to fame besides football: it was once home to Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Jimi Hendrix’s Purple Haze was reportedly written here at the Upper Cut Club, the short-lived but legendary venue opened by The Who and featuring Small Faces as a house band.


Significant regeneration is a neighbourhood byword at the moment since West Ham’s move to the Olympic Stadium, and the former West Ham football ground is being developed into a residential village. Local residents are pushing for the development to include legacy build that nods to the club’s history in the form of a museum and a statue of Bobby Moore.


Planning applications are being debated, but there is no doubt the West Ham development will bring more new restaurants, shops and parks with it.


If you’ve been thinking of a move to Upton Park, consider the benefits of acting quickly before the secret of this still-affordable area of London gets out.

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