March 9, 2016

Packing Up Your Home: Six Tips to Make it Easier

Packing up your home when you’re moving is one of the most stressful things in life. From the point of completion your mind will be focused on the logistics of the move; how to move things from one place to another, avoiding your beloved possessions being broken in the interim and the additional stress of having to systematically pack it all up.

We’ve compiled six packing tips to help make the move less stressful…


Cardboard Boxes


A time old tradition – cardboard boxes – are still going strong and are likely to be the easiest way to transport your goods. There is really no need to diverge from this economical method and many packaging companies offer home moving kits as an easy way to purchase boxes in various sizes and shapes.


If you’re not looking to buy boxes – you’re always able to go to your local supermarket or shop and ask for any leftover boxes they may have. The good thing is that after the move they won’t be taking up any space – you can simply flatten them and recycle them. Easy!



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Bubble Wrap


In every household you have delicate items which need a little more protection (glasses, ornaments, ceramic pieces) and may not make the journey if they aren’t properly protected. Bubble wrap is a staple when it comes to packing up your home.


One major benefit of high-quality bubble wrap is its durability – it’s always best to ensure its good quality to avoid any breakages, plus it means you can usually reuse it in the future.


Wrapping Tape


Investing in a stronger tape is necessary – a thin piece of sellotape won’t cut it when it comes to a box full of heavy kitchenware. It’s likely to come unstuck and as a result the items inside are likely to fall out. The better the quality, the more durability it will have – a necessity for moving.



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Handle Cutter


The next stage is transporting the boxes – whether it be to and from the van, to the house or another location – they can be heavy and difficult to manoeuvre. Invest in a box cutter to simply cut into the box to make handles; avoiding any injuries or falls damaging your items inside.




Labelling is essential – though tedious and somewhat time consuming it is a necessity. There is very little worse than arriving at your new home without a clue where anything is.


It’s also a good idea to label them depending on their weight as well – no one wants to sustain an injury during the move.


Packing up your Home


We hope these simple tips will help take away some of the strain from your move!


Of course, if you’re still looking for a new home, get in touch with any of our branches to see how we can help.


Good luck!


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