June 30, 2016

ChrisKitch, Hoxton

Hoxton Market is perhaps one of the ‘hippest’ places in London – and rightly so. We recently ventured there to visit newly opened, ChrisKitch.

We arrived at ChrisKitch on a Saturday evening – characteristically a little late yet still greeted warmly by the members of staff at ChrisKitch.


I am immediately taken aback by the trendy interiors; which I am later told are not finished despite the fact they look very chic.


The walls are stripped back to the brickwork with the ventilation visible – a look I personally love – whilst the tables are glass with dark wood detailing, with exceptionally comfortable leather seating.


It is urban, funky and remarkably laid back.


In the far corner, we see Chris Honor with his young daughter sat up on the countertop – a heart-warming sight.


Chris Honor is the mastermind behind the food at ChrisKitch.


Chris and his wife Bibi – a dynamic duo – opened their first ChrisKitch in Muswell Hill, North London – a café serving up creative salads, coffees and “cool food”.

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The café has received praise from national newspapers crediting Chris on his ability to mix flavours.


As a self-confessed foodie, I couldn’t have been more excited to try their newly opened Hoxton restaurant.


Chris is a renowned top-flight chef with some impressive credentials which can make for an intimidating review but Chris immediately puts me at ease with his happy, humble and incredibly passionate persona.


I knew that the food would be incredible based purely on Chris’ passion for food, his ability to get excited about a single flavour.


With the menu in hand, we peruse what’s on offer.


Whilst waiting we are presented with a series of entrees; kale wrapped and combined with a series of herbs and ‘lollipops’ which are cheese biscuits on sticks.


The kale was delicious – yet incomprehensible. The flavours were like nothing I have eaten before.


My friend opted for the Tuna tartare with avocado, chives, chilli and caviar, whilst I went for the charcoal-grilled marinated chicken with lemon, black pepper and parsley.


We asked for a recommendation on wine, recommended was a glass of ‘Jim Barry The Cover Drive 2012’ – a Cabernet Sauvignon originating from Australia.


It was rice and full-bodied sweetened by “ripe blackberry fruit”. A brilliant recommendation and both of us stuck to the one wine all evening.


Our starters promptly arrived – it’s immediately clear that the presentation of the food is paramount at ChrisKitch. It’s nothing short of a spectacle.


My friends’ tuna tartare, which I tried, is incredibly fresh bringing all of the flavours together to create a truly delightful starter.


My charcoal-grilled chicken is delicious and the flavour reminds me of a home-cooked meal – with a twist.


There was an element of it I couldn’t quite put my finger on which took it from an average dish to an exceptional one.


For mains my friend had ordered ‘Egg and bacon, slow-cooked pork, roasted quinoa, mushrooms, asparagus and potato fondant’ whilst I went for the ‘Hay-smoke blackened lamb, feta, slow-braised pearl barley, eggplant and date chutney’ once again on a recommendation.


The wait in between courses was minimal – despite the restaurant filling up quickly – and with the open-plan dining room, you are able to see Chris truly work his magic.


This is a feature I loved – it made the experience even better to see the meal unfold in front of us.



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The hay-smoked blackened lamb was presented in front of me – once again with impeccable presentation, my friends’ slow-cooked pork looked equally impressive.


The lamb was incredibly tender inside (it just fell apart) whilst the outside was blackened, as promised, and gave a slightly smoky taste.


The feta with the date chutney added another layer of flavours. The combination of all of the flavours was, once again, divine.


Once again trying my friends’ food – the slow-cooked pork – I was completely blown away.


The pork was delicious and cooked to perfection, it was complemented by the potato fondant and asparagus.


If the poached egg in their main is a way to judge their brunch menu – I’ll hazard a guess it’s pretty incredible.


The finale; dessert and what a way to finish. I opted for the vanilla crème brûlée whilst my friend chose the Chocolate soft centre pudding.


I was told that I would have to steal a bite of the chocolate dessert because it really was something special!


The crème brûlée was placed on top of a jam-tart style base and drizzled with a lemon dressing with raspberries scattered on top.


It was delicious; light, refreshing and sweet.


I did sample the chocolate soft centre pudding which resembled a Yorkshire pudding from the outside.


Much like the standard of the rest of the food, this didn’t fail to impress. It was delicious and moreish.


ChrisKitch is a real culinary treat. Ingredients and flavours you would never expect to have together, but somehow Chris Honor makes it work.


The food was on-par with some Michelin star restaurants; fine dining in a completely relaxed environment.


It’s not too expensive for the quality of the food, in fact, I consider it a bargain.


I highly recommend to all.


Find Chris Kitch
A: 5 Hoxton Market, London, N1 6HG
T: 0207 033 6666

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