August 1, 2016

Optimising Your Home Space

We all know the importance of making the most of your space in your home, and more importantly in your kitchen and bedroom. Perhaps two of the most important rooms in the house, it’s paramount that every inch of space is optimised to avoid over-cluttering – unless that’s your thing!


We’ve teamed up with Crown Imperial to provide you with some of the best tips to optimising your space in these rooms – straight from the experts’ mouth!

5 Top tips on optimising space in the kitchen


  • Create a cutting edge kitchen by incorporating the latest technology into a tall bank of appliances. Utilise floor to ceiling height to maximise storage space, while creating a striking feature wall in an open plan style.


  • Kitchen islands are a fantastic multifunctional centrepiece, the perfect place to combine cooking, storage and a social space for informal dining.


  • Choose super sleek handle-less kitchen styles to create a seamless blend between kitchen and living areas.


  • Transform a kitchen with cleverly placed storage by looking at how you work and flow in the space, mid-height larder pull outs are a simple yet compact solution alongside cooking appliances that avoid a plethora of oils, sauces and spices on show. Another quick fix is to clear your worktop space and organise your drawers with versatile deep drawer dividers.


  • Create an ergonomic kitchen space with form and function combined – wide pan drawers are ideal to create visual simplicity and provide easy access to all your kitchen essentials.


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5 Top tips on optimising space in the bedroom


  • Fitted bedroom furniture is ideally designed to maximise floor to ceiling space, with organised interior storage options for easy access and a clutter free look.


  • In a compact bedroom consider over bed furniture and tiered modular storage either side of the bed, ideal for framing the space and creating a cosy setting.


  • Mix and match open and closed bedroom furniture coupled with mirrored units to give a light and spacious feel.


  • Multi-functional bedrooms are increasingly popular for children and the trend is often towards designing a dual purpose space. Always consider including a desk area, whether they initially use for crafts and storing their favourite possessions, as they grow into their teenage years it becomes the perfect quiet zone for homework.


  • Loft conversions are a popular choice to maximise every available space in the home, look for flexible bedroom furniture configurations with the option of low height wardrobes to achieve a perfect fit.


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