January 23, 2017

19 Low-Cost Ways to Update Your Living Area

Updating your living space needn’t come with worries of high cost, there are plenty of inexpensive ways to spruce up your living room with little cost and little time. We’ve got 19 ways you can change the look and feel of your living area that won’t break the bank…



Fresh vases of flowers can change a room and its feel. Probably the simplest of all tasks, and it’s cheap too.


Use of different textures


The use of different textures can take a room from average to fantastic. Mix up a bit of leather with a fur cushion, or embroidery. If you’re looking to do this super cheap and fancy a bit of DIY, then head to local independent fabric shops as you’ll be able to get a good deal and can buy the exact amount you want.


Patterned rugs


A simple patterned rug – we love animal print – can update a room at little cost. Use the rug as the centre piece of the room and if you can match it to the pieces in the room already, even better.


Stand out from the crowd: Use Bold Prints!


Make a statement with bold prints, we’ve got an entire board on Pinterest dedicated to it. Visit here: Bold Prints Inspiration


Group similar objects together


Everyone has a collection of knick-knacks in their home, whether it’s a selection of random photo frames or perhaps pieces they have picked up from their holidays – combine them altogether on a shelf, mantelpiece or something similar to add a bit of decoration to your home.


Use colour – a single wall


The thought of painting often sends shivers down people’s spine; expensive and time consuming. It doesn’t have to be – just paint one wall and deem this your feature wall.

Buy vintage


Vintage doesn’t have to be expensive. Try charity shops, eBay, antique shops, and second-hand sales to find a piece which will stand out amongst the rest.


Let a mirror do its magic


Mirrors are such a fantastic tool for reinventing a space. Not only do they add the illusion of more room, but they’re also fantastic for changing the look of a room. A standout mirror can really create a brilliant atmosphere.


Use one statement piece


One statement piece can be all you need sometimes. Having a single piece of art, or an ornament can be all you need to really transform a room however inexpensive it is.


Use cushions to inject personality


Furnishing a sofa or chair with funky cushions is a great way to show off your personality. Instead of sticking with the typical block colours, why not go for something with a pug or an illustration on?


Use the colour green


The colour green has actually been shown to create calm and comfort within a living area. So whether it’s an entire wall, or a simple cushion combination, you ought to get some green in your living room!


Time Zone clocks – the perfect way to dream of travelling


A simple and cheap way of adding a little something to your living room. Three clocks, or more, with the different times on is a great way to inspire you to travel too!


Instead of buying, borrow!


Walk around your house and see the potential in other items. Use items from other rooms around the house to see what could work in your living room.


Add House Plants


Plants have actually been shown to lower blood pressure, improve well-being and improve perceptions of space.  Greenery is a great way to liven up an area, and it’s inexpensive too.


Add books for decoration


Coffee table books have been gracing interior inspiration pinterest boards, magazine and blog posts for year. A simple trick to use something you already have to add decoration. But have you ever thought of using a pile of larger books to create a make-shift coffee table? Try it!


Re-arrange furniture


Whilst this may take time, it won’t cost a thing. Rearranging the room can make it feel completely new.


DIY – find a project and do it yourself!


Second hand shops, or websites like Freecycle, are perfect for getting an old bit of furniture for very cheap or nothing. With this you can do what you want – whether it’s painting, reupholstering or adding your own accessories – it’s cheap, easy and completely unique to your home!

Update your lighting


Updating lighting doesn’t have to be expensive; be creative. Why not try adding some fairy lights to a mason jar to make a nice lamp? Or perhaps adding fairy lights to the fireplace which stays unused? It’s really simple and cost-effective.

Put your memories up on a wall

A gallery wall is a great inexpensive way to revive a room and also showcase all of your favourite memories for both you and company to see.


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