April 3, 2017

Getting Your Home Ready For Spring

Whilst a change of season doesn’t necessarily mean a change of interiors, it’s always nice to make a few subtle variations to your home to welcome the spring and prepare for the lighter months ahead.


Spring is the perfect time to get your home into perfect shape and doing those little things you’ve been putting off for an extended period of time. It’s not an expensive task either – just some simple adjustments to make your home even more season friendly this spring.

Spring Clean


The annual task of giving your home a thorough clean; scrub everything you can, clean your windows (inside and out), clean the extractor hood, deep clean the oven, empty your cupboards and wash the shelves do all the jobs you’ve been putting off since last Spring!


Donate what you don’t need


Alongside the cleaning – it’s the perfect time to declutter and donate the bits you’ve been clinging onto for far too long.


Fresh flowers


Having fresh flowers in the house makes a huge difference to the look, feel and smell of any home – and as its daffodil season you don’t have to spend a fortune to have them in your home. Simple but very effective.


Hanging baskets, indoor plants – bring the garden inside


Plants have many benefits asides from looking nice, they can increase humidity levels and they also reduce dust!


New scents


Changing up the scents in your home can make for a nice change – so swap the cinnamon based scents of winter for a fresh linen or fruity citrus diffuser.


The DIY you’ve been putting off


Now is the perfect time to tackle the basic DIY tasks you’ve been putting off for months!


Clean your windows to let light in


It’s a simple task – but ensuring the windows are spotless means you can benefit even more from the natural light that spring brings.


Let there be light


Transform your home with a fresher colour palette; go for lighter colours as a base. For example in the bedroom, white bedding with some colourful cushions will make the room look more summer friendly.


Add some colour


Painting a wall is the perfect way to really bring spring into your home or swap deep coloured accessories for brighter colours such as yellows, oranges and pale blues.


“Florals, for spring, ground-breaking”


Whilst Miranda from Devil Wears Prada might not have liked the idea, we personally love florals for making the home a little more spring friendly.

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