July 17, 2017

Best Interior Design Accounts on Instagram: 10 You Need to Follow

Whether you’re about to embark on a full house renovation or simply need a bit of inspiration for brightening up a boring bedroom, we’ve picked ten of the best interior design accounts on Instagram to give you plenty of ideas.


You might think an Instagram feed dedicated solely to floors would be a bit tiresome – but 820,000+ people can’t be wrong.

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The Amsterdam-based account will have you rethinking your plans to go with trusty old laminate and instead fill you with a newfound love for tiles (and there’s also the added bonus of shoe inspiration in every photo).



British manufacturer Loaf already has a loyal fanbase thanks to their online shop and London stores, but this account showcases their laidback furniture on another level.


As well as posting their products in beautifully laid-out shots, they also regram images from customers, meaning you can take a sneak peek at how their furniture looks in real homes.



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Although not solely focused on home furnishings, RVK makes it onto our list of the best interior design accounts on Instagram because it’s just so bloomin’ beautiful.


Blogger Rebecca is currently renovating her whole house, and her feed is filled with stunning new rooms adorned with fabulous furniture.


Her kitchen, in particular, would make even the least domestically-inclined among us want to spend more time cooking.



If you’re wondering why you’re seeing the colour grey everywhere lately, this account may have more than a little to do with it.


Award-winning journalist Kate Watson-Smyth’s feed focuses on the transformation of her North London pad from ordinary house into stunning home – with various shades of grey paint in almost every room.


Her cat Enid can also be found photobombing her feed on regular occasions.



Think Scandinavian furniture and you normally think only one thing – but this feed will definitely help change your perceptions.


One of the best interior design accounts on Instagram at the moment, blogger Niki Brantmark showcases contemporary Scandi style focusing on how natural light can transform a living space.



This is another Instagram feed which might leave you unable to pay the bills at the end of the month.



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If you like quirky but aesthetically pleasing furniture and accessories, Oliver Bonas is the place to look – especially if you’ve got a new house to fill and want to start from scratch.



Another account, another beautiful kitchen most of us can only dream of.


While the photos provide plenty of inspiration, they’re also ‘homely’, so you can really imagine what that paint colour or piece of furniture would look like in your own house – just one of the reasons it’s made it into our top ten best interior design accounts on Instagram.



Spending a lot of money on paint might seem like a bit of an extravagance, but when you see the photos on this account you’ll be happy to splash out.


The wonderful walls provide inspiration for whatever colour scheme you’re thinking about – as well as giving you some ideas you may never have thought of.



The award-winning British designer is the only man to squeeze onto our list of the best interior design accounts on Instagram – but that’s not to say he doesn’t deserve his place.


His feed focuses mostly on his own unique lighting creations and reminds us just how important the seemingly little things can be in providing the perfect finishes to a home.



Fashion editor Erica is renovating her house, and we’re being given a peek through the keyhole as it all comes together.


The dramatic transformation features bold colours, statement pieces and lots of house plants – as well as refreshingly honest captions showing just how stressful doing up a house and trying to live a normal life can be.


Best interior design accounts on Instagram


If you’re planning on sprucing up your home – or just fancy drooling over beautiful photos – then our top ten best interior design accounts on Instagram should be a good place to start.


We’ll be back next month with more fabulous interior design tips – until then, happy Instagramming!

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