October 1, 2018

Five Stylish Tips for Decorating with Mirrors

Decorating with mirrors can not only make your house feel bigger and brighter but is also a great way to completely transform a space that needs a bit of a refresh.


Read on to find out our five favourite ways for decorating with mirrors and add a stylish flourish to your home today!

Mirror, mirror on the wall


To make the most out of decorating with mirrors, you’ve got to really go for it! A full mirror wall makes a bold statement and can be done in various different ways to suit your style.


One popular option is to gradually collect an assortment of mirrors in all kinds of different shapes, sizes and styles and hang them together on one wall. A gallery of mirrors certainly brightens up a smaller space and also makes a stunning addition to a hallway or up a flight of stairs.


Alternatively, you could go for one floor to ceiling mirror for a more minimalist feel – a full-length mirror wall in the bathroom could be the perfect finishing touch to a sleek space.


Make a statement


If you want to transform your room without picking up the paintbrush, decorating with mirrors is a great option and a large statement mirror is the perfect place to start.


With so many mirrors out there, the only difficult thing will be choosing exactly which one to go for. Start by working out which wall the mirror will work best on and how big it needs to be for the most dramatic effect. Then think about the style – do you want it to fit in with your existing furniture and colour scheme or for it to stand out?


But just because you want to make a statement doesn’t mean it needs to be a particularly unusual shape or colour – a large round mirror can add just as much if hung in the perfect position.


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Double up


If you find a mirror you really love, why stop at buying one?


Hanging two identical mirrors in alcoves on each side of the fireplace or to frame a central window adds a sophisticated symmetry to any room, while there’s also the option of installing a pair of mirrors vertically on the same wall.


If you’ve got the luxury of twin sinks in your bathroom, adding a pair of mirrors rather than one long one is also another way to add something a little bit different.


Get outside


Decorating with mirrors isn’t just for the interior of your home – the garden also provides plenty of opportunities to get creative.


A small space like a roof terrace or balcony can really benefit from a mirror reflecting the sunlight, while a large mirror in a bigger garden is a great way to optimise the view of your favourite plants.


Unloved spaces like bland walls or shabby fences can also be given a quick uplift by hanging a mirror and it’s worth remembering you don’t just need to stick to special garden mirrors – most indoor pieces with sturdy frames are strong enough to withstand all weathers and give you a lot more options.


Perfectly practical


Rather than looking for individual pieces, why not think outside the box and buy some mirrored furniture?


Going for something practical like a mirrored wardrobe not only brightens up the bedroom but also helps save space elsewhere.


Mirrored glass on cupboard doors can also make small, galley kitchens feel a lot bigger, while mirrored coffee tables are a great way to add an elegant, contemporary feel to a living room.


The options are endless, so get searching!


Decorating with mirrors: A summary


Decorating with mirrors is a great way to transform your home. We hope our tips have given you some inspiration and whether you opt for a new piece of mirrored furniture, get creative with a mirror wall or invest in that one statement piece, we’re sure your space will look fabulous in no time at all.


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