October 30, 2018

What to Plant in November: Growing Your Winter Garden

It may be cold outside, but don’t let the winter climate put you off gardening. If you’re unsure of what to plant in November, we’ve put together a list to help you out!

Prepare for winter

While you’re deciding what to plant in November, ensure you have the means to protect your plants from the cold or frosty weather. Using cold frames or cloches can help prevent delicate seeds and plants falling victim to the winter chill. Cloches act as mini greenhouses and also protect from pests too, which are less of a problem in winter, but are nevertheless still something to be mindful about.


Get your greens

Looking after your vegetable beds in November will ensure you have lots of home-grown produce to look forward to, and sowing winter salads will also give you something to pick at over the coming months.


If you’re considering what to plant in November, sow broad beans now to have them ready for harvesting in the spring – Aquadulce Claudia is a great variety for sowing in winter. Peas are also hardy enough for the colder months, so it’s worth planting them now to produce sweet and succulent peas down the line.


Garlic is another popular item to plant in the winter months either in a cold frame or in drained soil. Using well rotted manure or compost will ensure the soil doesn’t become too waterlogged.


Spring onions and pak choi can also be planted in the winter under cloches, but be careful not to overwater.


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Planting indoors

If you’re without a garden and hoping to fill that gap on the windowsill but still don’t know what to plant in November, there are some seeds that can produce crops quickly and indoors.


Pea shoots grow speedily and can be harvested mere weeks after they’ve been sown, or as soon as they’ve sprouted their first leaves. Cress can also be grown indoors and will make a delicious addition to your lunches or dinners after only a week or so. These microgreens are great in salads and full of vitamins, which will help keep you healthy and well-nourished during the cold winter months.


Herbs such as basil, dill or coriander also benefit from a spot on a bright windowsill, which is great if you’re wondering what to plant in November from the comfort and warmth of your own home.


Planting for fruit lovers

While you should avoid planting in wet or frosty ground, take advantage of mild and dry November days as it’s a great time to plant fruit bushes and trees.  


If you’re wondering what to plant in November outside that you can benefit from in the future, redcurrants are lively little berries that will provide tasty treats for many summers to come. They also make a colourful addition to your garden once they have grown, and can be planted directly in the ground or in a large container. Gooseberries are grown in the same way, although both will arguably taste better when grown in a sunny spot.  


Flowers to sow and grow in November

Whether you’re suitably green-fingered or are learning on the job, you might be wondering what to plant in November that will eventually bring some colour and vibrancy to your garden or house. November is the perfect time to start sowing tulip bulbs outside, and some flower year after year.


Spring flowering bulbs such as daffodils can still be planted; likewise, lily bulbs can still be planted and forced to flower by bringing them indoors roughly six weeks after planting. Seize your last chance to plant winter bedding, such as forget-me-nots or winter pansies, and ensure they’re going into suitable and well-prepared ground or compost.


Having blooms to look forward to will brighten up the darkest of winters.


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What to plant in November: A summary

Don’t let the cold weather prevent you from venturing into your garden. There’s plenty you can sow that will ensure you have fruitful and colourful springs and summers to come, so it’s worth putting in the effort. If you’re concerned we’re in for a cruel winter, make the most of your greenhouse, cloches or kitchen windowsill.


If you’re still wondering what to plant in November, head to your local garden centre for further advice, or ask other keen gardeners about their own winter garden success.


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